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My name is Ryan Whitworth and you pulled me on stage to dance with you in Pensacola! This was the best night ever for me and the video is going viral! Thank you for that opportunity! I would love to meet you and maybe sing with/for you. You are amazing!

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Lauren and her bandmates ROCK! I hope you enjoy these shots from the 5th row. It took me forever and a day to compress them enough to make them uploadable. But...if Lauren sees them, it will be worth it. ;-)

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It was so great to see Lauren Alaina perform at the Sonoma County Fair this summer! I have followed her since her American Idol days, but after Road Less Traveled came out, I have become an even bigger fan. She has been open and honest about her struggles with body image, and all the while she remains true to who she is. She never sacrifices her humor and strength to please others. And her voice, might I add, is one of a kind! I have similar struggles with both body image and a strong personality, so having someone like Lauren to look up to is important to me. It was a GREAT concert! She leaves it all out there on the stage and made it fun for everyone. The time flew by but when she came back on stage for an encore, we got an unforgettable mashup and 15 more minutes of music in total! EXCELLENT!! Thank you, Lauren and band. I hope you enjoy the three best pics I took from the 5th row. Hugs <3's picture

We saw Lauren Alaina in Durham, NC, and it was sooooo Amazing!!!  We were in the second row and we got to meet her after the show and she was super nice!  She remembered us from the audience.  Now we are going to see her again in Greensboro this Tuesday.  I hope we get to say hi to her again.  We love her!

Anna (8) and Liz (11) Lalor

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Hi Lauren! We are coming to see you in Buffalo, NY. My daughter has loved you since she first saw you on AI. She's got Dysautonomia; more specifically Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. It's a very disabling illness and she's been so sick for 4 years.  She's 29 and her life consists of trips to Cleveland Clinic, testing, local ER trips, etc. She'll be the only one at your concert wearing pajamas as she can't tolerate real clothes, they put her in pain. She also has a PICC line for IV hydration. She stands out in a crowd! lol We're not sure she'll be able to endure the entire show, but she wants to give it her best shot! Her name is Danielle Fanton and she would love to at least shake your hand and say hello. It would be the best thing that has happened to her in many years. I know this is asking a lot, and we don't mean to impose, but as a Mom, well, my warrior needs a little sunshine these I'm reaching out. I've never done this before and wasn't sure how to go about it so I'm starting here. We are so excited to see  you soon!! Thank you so much for being a source of joy for my girl!! <3