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Saw you at Faster Horses and you were amazing!  My friend and I got selected to meet/get a photo with you but we can not find the photos posted anywhere.  They were taken on the rooftop of the Budweiser Bar.  We were told they would be posted on your site.   We have since then checked your site, faster horses site, and everyone's facebook/instagram photos and nothing :( None of our friends believe us lol.  If you can email me how to find them that would be great! 

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My daughter asks me at least once a day if I remember the time she sang with Lauren, I'll never forget that moment. Ever. I keep wondering if she'll ever come down off cloud 9 after this amazing moment in April at Spring Jam 2017 in PCB. Then I realized, I'm still up in the clouds with her. ❤️

Can't wait to see you perform again!

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Friday night, July 14th, my niece and I went to see Lauren Alaina perform down in Atlantic City. Let me just say, Country Radio is missing out on some great women in Country music by not playing their music, especially more of Lauren's.  Lauren sang her heart out on that stage, she interacted with the crowd, and best of all, she was real and humble. She talked about the meaning behind a few of her songs such as being body shamed, battling Bulimia and the craziness of her family life she had to deal with on her journey to get to where she is today.  If you are looking for a great show to take young girls to see and not feel embarrassed because there could be cursing, provocative outfits, rough crowds, you don't have to worry about that with Lauren. She's a class act and a great role model for young girls to learn from through her performances and through her music.  So if she is in your area, don't hesitate to get tickets.  I know you will love it as much as my 13 year old niece and I did.  I would see her again in a heartbeat!!!  Love you Lauren and cannot wait to see you every tour.

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I seen her in Hershey PA the bass in the band over powered her. You could hardly understand what she was even singing. Turned back the bass and it would have been a great show. Her way of interacting with the fans was good. I would go see her again.