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I recently saw Lauren perform in Waterloo and it was one of the first times i almost started to cry. i stopped myself because i was with people and didn't want to explain why. When Lauren started to talk before her song 'road less travelled' about her eating disorder, recovery and struggles it sent chills down my spine. it made me connect with her on a whole new level and i have been non stop listening to that song and 'doin' fine' and they just make me feel so many things all over the map. all that is running through my mind is "how how how....." she found it in her to get the strength to get better and keep going and i still feel so lost, but her songs make me feel less alone. i met her veyr briefly to to the fan photo and i wanted to spill this all out but of course there isnt enough time.i just hope she sees this.

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My name is Ryan Whitworth and you pulled me on stage to dance with you in Pensacola! This was the best night ever for me and the video is going viral! Thank you for that opportunity! I would love to meet you and maybe sing with/for you. You are amazing!