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Last night's performance was absolutely beautiful!  I cannot even imagine the emotional roller coaster you were on.  I lost my 20 year old son in January and your song was what I believe he would have said to me.  Thank you for sharing!! 

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Hey I am putting the stage together Friday at KFC in Louisville my!!! Was trying to get a backstage pass!!! I have LOVE YOU since American Idol!!!! Was hoping you could help me out!!! I will bring the KENTUCKY BOURBON!!!

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I'm a student at Rossville High School in Rossville, Kansas. We are working on a safe driving campaign with a few insurance agencies around the community because this is something that has personally effected our community and the surrounding communities. Accidental motor vehicle accidents is now the leading cause of death in 15-19 year olds. My mom is a State Farm agent and saw you at convention in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. She talked about how cool your community of good program and how you help out good causes! We are all huge fans at Rossville Jr/Sr High School. We would absolutely love to hear back! Thank you so much!