Watch Lauren Alaina on Dancing With the Stars.

Night 1


Night 2


Night 3


Final Night



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abbyleeanne's picture

Lauren you are one of the strongest women i know, i am so glad to call you an idol ... since idol  and i am proud of the women you have become and you are still growing. You are beautiful inside and out, i love you to the stars and back peaches. Also the improvement i’ve seen on DWTS since you started and not having the experience previously is mind blowing and epic. I am obsessed and you are gonna get that mirror ball!! Also happy birthday and i hope 25 treats you right and is the greatest year yet because you deserve it and you have earned it!!! Congrats on everything now and everything to come in the future  You. Are. Tough. 

Jennie_WorthPisano's picture

Last night's performance was absolutely beautiful!  I cannot even imagine the emotional roller coaster you were on.  I lost my 20 year old son in January and your song was what I believe he would have said to me.  Thank you for sharing!!