Lauren Alaina will star in her very first movie, Road Less Traveled, named after her single of the same name. The film began production last month in Knoxville, Tennessee and is being produced by Marvista Entertainment.

“I am so excited to be doing a movie,” Lauren tells Billboard. “This is a whole new world for me. I’m learning so much every day. We have such an awesome cast and crew and I can’t wait for everyone to see this new side of me.”

Road Less Traveled centers on Lauren’s character, “Charlotte,” who is struggling with balancing her upcoming wedding with her songwriting career in Los Angeles. She finds herself searching for answers in her hometown of Harmony, Tennessee, where she runs into her high school sweetheart.



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Saw your show in Carmel Indiana last night with Martina McBride and got to meet you after the show. It was a fantastic show and meeting you was a highlight. Look forward to seeing you more!!  You have great music!!